Israel is a global technology and innovation powerhouse. Characterised by groundbreaking entrepreneurship, Israel yields pioneering technologies, profitable business opportunities and high investment returns. The country has a reputation for technological excellence, and many leading international tech companies have established R&D centres in Israel.

Blockchain in Israel

With over 130 blockchain companies, Israel’s blockchain industry has raised a total of USD 2.1B in investments. 36.57% of these companies have also released their products or solutions into the market. Israel’s regulations support Blockchain companies, such as the regulatory sandbox, open banking, crypto stock exchange and STO licensing.  

Cyber Security in Israel


The Cyber Security sector in Israel contains the most vibrant and innovative Israeli startups.

Market-specific grants available

Singapore-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (SIIRD) seeks to promote research and development in Singapore and Israel by helping Singapore and Israel based companies with Research & Development Partner Searches, which also provides up to USD 1M in funding for joint R&D projects.