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Go International: Entering China #1

Go International: Entering China #1

Over the past few months, SGTech presented The Isolation Economy Webinar and Solutions Toolbox series, which were close to the hearts of businesses as they tackled challenges faced with the challenges of overcoming COVID-19’s effect on the economy. As we begin to restart our lives in Phase 2, we want to bring internationalisation back into focus. The Go International webinar series aims to help ICT companies understand and learn about navigating different overseas markets. The series sets its focus onto China, the world’s second-largest economy by GDP.

SGTech Executive Director Mr Yeo See Kiat opened the Entering China webinar by sharing about the importance of market diversification. He noted that internationalisation not only helps protect the bottom lines of businesses against region-specific events but also helps companies gain access to valuable talent. 

In the first edition of Entering China series on 25 June 2020, SGTech invited representatives of Dezan Shira & Associates to present at this webinar. Equity Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, Mr Adam Livermore, shared about the ICT Landscape in China. Mr Thomas Zhang, Director of IT, continued with an overview of the complex regulations governing the ICT sector in China. SGTech also invited Mr Andy Yeo, China Broadband Communications Head of Sales, to share on overcoming network challenges in China. 

You can catch the webinar recording here to review the strategies shared by the panel.

You may also wish to download the presentation slides:

Presentation Slides by Dezan Shira & Associates .

Presentation Slides by China Broadband Communications


Published June 2020

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