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Indonesia’s Digital Economy: Industry 4.0 Opportunities for Singapore Tech Companies

The Go International webinar series aims to help fellow ICT companies learn about navigating different territories. In this session, SGTech invited EY and Industry Platform to present on Indonesia’s Industry 4.0 adoption, the state of Indonesia’s industrial economy and readiness for I4.0, and opportunities in crucial Indonesian enterprise projects for Singapore technology firms. 

Mr Sriram Changali, Partner at EY Solutions, presented the six technology trends which form the Industry 4.0 building blocks, and use cases in the manufacturing sector where the application of these trends enhanced efficiency. 

Mr Anugrah Pratama, Director at EY Indonesia, noted that Indonesia is still in the early stage of Industry 4.0 adoption; which presents vast opportunities for I4.0 players to improve Indonesia’s positioning in both the demand and supply of production.  Mr Felix Fernando of Industry Platform presented an overview of the key growth areas in manufacturing, smart cities, retail and finance verticals and the type of technology solutions that are in demand. To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording. You may also wish to download the presentation slides here: Presentation Slides by Ernst & Young (pending)  Presentation Slides by Industry Platform More to come This webinar is part of SGTech’s “Go International” series to help ICT Companies learnt about navigating different territories. Do check out similar content under.  Please look out for the other webinars in this series. --- Published Aug 2020


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